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Tips for Renting with Bad Credit | The Snyder Group

Tips for Renting with Bad Credit

Act in Advance

Having bad credit means more trouble than just encountering problems in buying items on credit.  It can make it harder to find a place to rent.  A poor credit scores does not mean however that you can not find a nice place to live as a renter.  Take some steps to make sure you can pass the possible hurdles that stand in your way.

First obtain a copy of your credit report.  This will allow you to explain the reasons why you have problems with your credit history.  It will also allow you to begin addressing those problems and begin the process of removing them from your records.  Write letters requesting to have any misinformation deleted and explaining why it does not belong.  Formulate a plan to begin paying down your debts in order to have them eventually removed from your report.

With your credit report in hand, you are now in a position to explain potential difficulties to a potential landlord.  Particularly in situations where the rental is not handled by a large company, your personal acknowledgement and understanding of credit problems will often impress and meet with approval from a landlord.

Having a cosigner may be the key to signing a lease for people with poor credit history.  A cosigner becomes legally liable for the costs associated with renting a unit.  This can convince a landlord to let you have the place.  A friend or a relative with good credit who is willing to cosign for you will make a landlord feel more secure.

Save up for a Place

Offering a larger deposit than is normally required is another good way for people with poor credit to obtain a rental.  A landlord will have less fear on taking a loss by renting to you.  You are less likely to skip out on the rent when a large deposit is placed at risk by such actions.

You can also seek out rentals that do not require a credit check.  Such checks are done routinely by firms that handle a large number of units.  Landlords at smaller buildings however often forego the process.  Some people imagine that only the least desirable places fall into this category, but this is not at all the case.  Some of the most attractive places fall into this category simply because of the limited number of units available.  For instance a guest house in the backyard of a home or above a detached garage may be handled personally by the home owner who prefers handling the matter personally without resorting to any red tape.  Such accommodations can be among the most attractive in the area.

Even if you are not currently in the market for new housing, people with poor credit ratings should develop a long term plan to repair and upgrade their credit rating.  It will be a big benefit when you do need to rent a place.  People with good credit ratings often have to put down a far smaller deposit than those with poor credit scores.

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