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The Team Concept in Real Estate: The Snyder Group

When shopping around for a real estate professional, it’s important to know how well the agent or team you’re considering is equipped to handle your needs in light of current market circumstances. The Las Vegas real estate market is ever-evolving and unfortunately it’s difficult for many Realtors to keep up with these changes.

The Problem With The Solo Agent Model

When a solo real estate professional is doing it all, it can be overwhelming to say the least. Image a single agent trying to manage all of these tasks on a day to day basis: handling all short sale & transaction negotiations, meeting buyers & sellers, working with investors, trying to market themselves, keeping track of all their files, running open houses, and showing homes. It’s not hard to understand how difficult that would be for a single person to manage.

The Solution: Team Driven Real Estate

Dale Snyder, team leader and principle of the Snyder Group, believes the answer to this is having a strong team that offers the following:

  • A short sale negotiation division to help manage all short sale negotiations and work directly with the banks
  • A fully licensed office manager to manage all the files as well as day to day operations
  • Short sale & listing specialists who help homeowners understand what is involved when listing their homes for sale
  • A team of buyers specialists who work specifically with first time buyers or those who are buying a vacation home
  • An investment buyer specialist who works with investors interested in purchasing rental properties in the Las Vegas market
  • A marketing division to take care of finding new business so the agents can concentrate on service and to provide dedicated marketing attention to listings for sale
  • Open houses every weekend in key areas in Summerlin and around Las Vegas, to help market listings
  • In house legal counsel for special circumstances or situations that calls for an attorney to advise
  • The support & backing of a strong broker, like Keller Williams Realty Las Vegas

Watch this video to see how the Team Driven Real Estate model is directly beneficial to you:


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