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Adventuredome Theme Park Las Vegas


If you are a person who loves life and adores having fun, then you’ll definitely want to go to Adventuredome Theme Park situated in Las Vegas. This park covers 5 acres and offers extraordinary indoor fun for both children and adults. Along with the superb and luxurious casinos, Adventuredome Theme Park is one of the main attractions in Vegas.

The thrilling rides, the Circus-Circus attractions, the free clown shows and the extraordinary games attract thousands of locals and visitors every year. So, if you’re looking for an adventurous vacation, this theme park is the place to go.

Adventuredome Theme Park will be open throughout the entire summer from Sunday till Saturday starting from 10 am till 12 am. People can go in with tickets for individual rides or with all day passes. A junior pass costs almost $17 and a regular pass is $28. Rides inside the park are grouped in 4 categories: family rides, premium rides, junior rides and large rides.


One of the best premium rides is the Canyon Blaster. This is the only double loop in the world that’s situated indoors. The roller coaster will be speeding at 55 mph. To enter the ride, you must be more than 48 inches tall. If you like spinning, then you’ll adore the Disk’O. No matter where you choose to sit, you’ll be in the front row and you’ll experience an awesome dual spinning motion.

Rim Runner is a ride that will wash you from head till toe, so make sure you bring some towels with you. The ride is wacky, wet and wild. From the top, you’ll fall in a 60-foot high waterfall. Other attractive premium rides that you might like are Laser Blast, Inverter, Chaos, Sling Shot, Extreme Ride Theatre and 2 FX Theatres.

There are also 2 large rides. The Sand Pirates will board you on a pirate ship and swing you over and over again. The Canyon Cars will make you feel the crashes like never before, so prepare for some defensive driving. Junior rides are less wild but still quite entertaining, and the Thunderbirds will take your children on a flight above the Adventuredome Park in a plane dating from the 1920s. For a lovely coal train ride, the little ones must embark on the Miner Mike and for those who enjoy juming and leaping, Frog Hopper is the answer.


The Adventuredome Theme Park also features 4 family rides. Take pleasure in the Road Runner, a mini-Himalayan ride with friendly slopes and enjoy the Drifters, a ride that will make you feel like you’re in a hot air balloon. When you’re in a theme park you shouldn’t miss a carousel ride, so jump in the Circus Carousel in Adventuredome. Lastly, ride the B.C. Bus and go all around, down and up.

Other featured attractions in this extraordinary theme park are the Highway 66 (a bowling center), the free clown shows, the arcade, the Midway Games, the Pike’s Pass (a mini golf course) and the Xtreme Zone with bungee jumping and rock climbing. So, hesitate no more and take your ticket to Adventuredome Theme Park right now!

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